Incredibly efficient client, matter and contact management for your law firm.

Manage everything related to a client or matter from one central location.

Whether you're searching for conflicts, adding new clients, viewing transaction history, entering or modifying transactions, billing, or reporting, you can access it all from one window. No more navigating from menu to menu means you can work faster than ever!

ESILAW 360 - redefining efficiency in law firms.

Core features

  • Powerful client and contact search
  • Centralized client, matter & contact management
  • Conflict management, searching and reporting
  • Document management - local or cloud
  • Record notes on clients, matters and contacts
  • One click access to balances
  • Quick access to transaction entry
  • Quickbill any client or matter
  • Simplifed transaction ledgers
  • Client and matter reporting
  • Link contacts and clients
  • Closed file management

Accurate, easy-to-use conflict search ensures you never miss a conflict.

Simply type what you're looking for, click the search button and the conflict report will display right in front of you. It's as easy as using Google search. And you can search clients and matters, contacts, vendors, notes, transactions and conflict entries you have added so you never miss a conflict.

Keep track of all of your firm and personal contacts.

In addition to client and matter management, ESILAW 360 provides complete contact management so you can keep track of all firm contacts, contacts related to your clients and matters, and even personal or private contacts.

Always know who is related to the file you're working on.

The Linked People feature lets you link contacts to clients and matters with the click of a button so you can quickly establish relationships between parties and access important details about them from anywhere.

Convenient transaction entry lets you enter any transaction from a client or matter.

Enter transactions such as time, fees, expenses, trust receipts and even bill payments right from the Clients & Matters feature. No more navigating to multiple menus and windows to perform transaction entry as everything is right in front of you.

Transaction ledgers that are easy to understand.

Whether you're looking at time and fees, disbursements or expenses, trust, or bills and payments, ESILAW 360 provides easy to understand ledgers. At a glance you can see the status of each and every transaction and run detailed transaction reports so you know exactly what has transpired on any client or matter.

Find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Every client ledger has filters to help you get to your information faster. Whether you're searching by date or looking for specific transactions such as pre-billed or billed items, you can find anything quickly.

And if that's not enough, ESILAW 360 also offers a powerful find feature that allows you to search any type of transaction using any type of criteria.

Bill faster with Quickbill.

Need to quickly bill a client? No problem.

Select the client and click the Quickbill button, add or make changes to the bill content and finalize the bill. Fast, flexible billing features that help you get a bill out in no time flat!

Client and matter balances are only a click away.

Looking for year-to-date and life-to-date balances for billings, payments, write-offs, and variance? How about accounts receivable by aging period or by lawyer?

One click leads you to the balances tab, which gives you a complete overview of your client and matter balances. Know exactly where you're at with your clients at all times.

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