Time and fee transaction entry that results in more money in your pocket.

Enter time and fees faster and capture more billable time.

Our incredibly efficient time and fee entry features help you record your time and fees faster and capture more billable hours with functions like the automated timer.

Easily move between time entries that you are working on, enter one at a time, or enter them in batches. Regardless of how you track your time and fees ESILAW 360 will make your life easier and put more money in your pocket.

Core features

  • Fast time and fee entry
  • Flip between time entries at any time
  • Use preset Codes and AutoText to speed up entry
  • Multiple rate options by lawyer/timekeeper and client
  • Automatic timer
  • Spell checker

Don't track time? Enter fees right on the bill when you create it.

You can easily create flat fee bills in ESILAW 360 on-the-fly by entering a fee description or selecting a prepopulated description, and entering the fee amount. No need to keep time entries if your firm is primarily based on flat fee or contingency billing.

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