Billed today. Paid tomorrow.

Lightning fast, flexible billing.

Select the clients you want to bill, make changes to bill content, and when you're satisfied with the final results print or email them with the click of button. Regardless of how you bill, who you bill, or what you want on your bill, ESILAW 360's extensive, easy-to-use billing features will substantially reduce the time it takes to do your billing.

Get paid faster with online payment processing for your clients.

Send out your bills by email with 'Pay Now' links embedded in the bill and email. When your client clicks the link the invoice details post directly into a browser payment form and they simply fill out the payment method. They get a receipt and you get the money deposited into your account. A sure fire way to get paid faster with next to no effort. And if your firm accepts credit cards or electronic payments you can also process those transactions directly in ESILAW 360.*

Core features

  • Bill one or more clients quickly
  • Add and edit time and expenses while billing
  • Produce flat fee bills
  • Apply discounts to bills
  • Replace time entries with narratives
  • Create bills with time, fees and expenses
  • Markup time and fees
  • Apply payments during billing
  • One click preview to view a bill
  • Print and email bills to clients
  • Easy to customize bill templates
  • Pay Now bill links speed up payments*

* Requires WorldPay merchant account for credit card and payment processing

Professional bills in any format you want.

Completely customize your bill templates with our extremely easy-to-use bill template creator, designed to help you tailor the look and feel of your bills in minutes. No more messing around with complicated template editors or accepting mediocre preset billing templates.

Professional looking bills that match the professional image of your firm.

Easily customize or add content to bills.

Adding time or expense entries to your bill or changing existing ones? Replacing existing time entries with a narrative? Marking up fees on the bill? Or creating a flat fee bill with no time? It doesn't matter how or what you bill as ESILAW 360 will accomodate your firm by handling just about any billing scenario.

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